We at KMM AVIATION WORLDWIDE believe that in today’s turbulent economy the aircraft trading market can change quickly and frequently providing both opportunity and risk to aircraft owners and prospective buyers. Our knowledge of on-market and off-market aircraft ensures that you are always ready to take advantage of any situations that may arise.

If you are a buyer, existing airline, or new start-up airline, you can be assured that our ‘on the pulse’ attitude means that we have access to a wide range of off-market and on-market deals. We offer impartial advice on the best aircraft for your needs as well as negotiate the best deal on your behalf. We believe in an open book policy and cover every aspect of the process from search and selection to inspection, delivery and management

For sellers we adopt a highly strategic and focused approach to selling your aircraft. We identify its realistic position in the market and aim to deliver a fast sales process through our extensive network of prospective buyers and brokers. We ensure discretion as required and believe that an upfront, direct approach will always achieve optimum results for any aircraft in any market.

We specialise in Airbus-319-320-321-330-340-380  Boeing-737-747-757-767-777-787 new and used. We can finance all new or used Airbus or Boeing aircraft. For the corporate sector we can supply Gulfstream/Bombardier/Dassault-new and used. We can offer wet leases and dry leases with the most competitive rates and terms for all major airlines and new start-up  airlines.

Our in house legal team are at hand to deliver efficacy and fluency in every transaction as well as a team of aviation experts who are available to meet any requirements through short or long term business within KMM AVIATION WORLDWIDE.

Kevin McGeever

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